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What Is Ebay Global Shipping Address phone number email

What Is Ebay Global Shipping Address, Phone Number and E-mail Address?

Ebay's Global Shipping is processed by Pitney Bowes Inc. in Kentucky.

You may find that you need to know the eBay Global Shipping Address in Kentucky to help you determine the cost of shipping your package to the processing center.  For instance, you may want to use a Regional US Priority Mail box which is often cheaper than using one of the other USPS Priority Mail Boxes, or you may ship the product sold to the processing plant in a different size box than you
what is Ebay Global Shipping Address, Phone Number and e-mail address?
would ship it to an eBay shopper within the USA.   Other reason you might need the eBay Global Shipping Address is because you only use US Priority Mail to ship the eBay Kentucky center but not to USA customers.  Whatever your reason, here is the current as of 06/27/2016 eBay Global Shipping Address.  In the future, eBay and Pitney Bowes may open other locations, but currently all packages are processed at Pitney Bowes Processing Center in Kentucky


Pitney Bowes, INC.
1850 Airport Exch Boulevard
Erlanger, KY 41018
Pitney Bowes Website: Ebay Information
Pitney Bowes Phone: (859) 457-6805
Email Contact:

Need to contact eBay about a Global Shipped product through it's Pitney Bowes service?  Ebay Customer Service Phone Numbers are on this >>> Page <<<

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