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Promoting Your Online Store with Back links

Promoting Your Online Store with Back links 

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In this video, originally created for sellers on but that applies to anywhere you sell online, you will learn about Back Links and Cross-Linking.

Backlinks and Cross-linking your store with social media and websites where you can post your store web address in order to help increase the ability of search engines to locate, rank and present your store in their results, is essential.

Whether you sell on StorEnvy, Bonanza, Ecrater, Etsy, Ebluejay, Ebay, IOffer, Amazon or a custom storefront, you will want to establish back links and cross-links to help establish your presence online.  
One way to do this is buy purchasing a domain name for your store, Some storefronts and marketplaces let you park your domain name on top of your page on their market place for a small fee. lets you park you webadress on your free custom store, for about $5.00 per month. lets you park your name on their custom store websites too, you will pay $20 a month for a custom storefront on

Once you have a web address for your store, you will want to submit the address to multiple market places.  You can do this by hand, one search engine at a time, or you can use a search engine listing service.

In my early days as a webmaster for multiple websites including three websites for a Community College District I worked at, I often used

DreamSubmit - lets you try it for free and will list your store web address in search engines you probably never heard of before. Some of these will require you to provide additional information after the automated submit process.  One of the advantage of paying for a search submission is, the DreamSubmit team handles the manual aspects of the process for you.

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