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How To Watermark Your Ebay Photos

How To Watermark Your Ebay Photos

Adding a watermark to your photos (From Ebay's Website)

If you have not upgraded to Ebay's New Seller Hub Released in 2016, then you can use the following directions.  If you are using the New 2016 Seller Hub Listing Tool, then scroll fown to the bottom of this page for the ZippyHelp Online Watermark tools, since the New Seller Hub currently does not have the Watermark feature built into its listing tool.

Using the pre-Seller hub description page, you can use Ebay's watermark creation service to add a camera icon, your eBay user ID, or both, as a watermark on your photo. Note: Watermarks are the only text that can be on your photo.
To add a watermark to your photos:
  1. Go to the Describe your item section of the listing form.
  2. Click Add or remove options, then select one or both watermark options:
    • Enable watermarking with my eBay user ID
    • Enable watermarking with the eBay camera icon
  3. Click Save.
  4. Continue filling out the form.
When you upload your photo, we'll apply the watermark you selected. If your user ID is more than 24 characters, the ID watermark is automatically shortened to 24 characters to ensure it will fit the photo.
Note: The watermark you selected applies only to photos you've just uploaded. Changing your selection doesn't add or remove watermarks from previously uploaded photos. Watermarks aren't available for photos uploaded using our quick listing tool.
If you'd like to create your own watermark on your photos, follow these guidelines:
  • We only allow watermarks for ownership and attribution
  • Watermarks shouldn't distract from the image
  • Watermarks can't serve a marketing purpose, such as specific details about your item or customer service
  • Watermarks should be no bigger than 5% of the total image area
  • Watermarks should have an opacity of no more than 50%
  • Links aren't allowed in watermarks

EBAY Watermark Tools

The following tools can also be used to watermark your eBay photos, before you upload them for your description.

This online watermark tool will let you watermark your photos according to Ebay's policy, rotate and make other adjustments to your photo.

This online watermark tool will let you processing multiple photos in a batch, so you can watermarka group of photos at the same time.

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