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Steps for Stripe or Storenvy Credit Card Fraud

Steps for Stripe or Storenvy Credit Card Fraud

You can also use the "Report Fraud Link" that is barely visible on Stripe's Dashboard and for some reason made to be non-obvious.

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What should you do when you get a sale at your Storenvy Store that is paid for through the Strip Payment Gateway?  No matter what denomination the payment if through Stripe, you should always take some basic steps, including checking the order details in Storenvy to make certain that the credit card information matches the ship-to address.  You also need to check the payment details in your Stripe account.  These two things you need to do for every sale.  But what about when the Credit Card information doesn't match the ship to address?  Always play it safe and treat it as potential fraud, especially when the mis-match of information includes a credit card from one country with the shipping destination in another country.

Follow the steps in this video to help freeze the transaction until you can either verify the details, or to help protect yourself from the transaction going through and ending up losing money from your associated bank account, credit card charge, or ending up with a charge back.

Click here for more ways to protect yourself when you sell online.

Click here for Storenvy's Page about steps to protect your store against fraud.

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