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How To Protect Your Ebay and PayPal Account

How To Protect Your Ebay and PayPal Account

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In 2014 Ebay was hacked and though you probably have long forgotten about it, or maybe didn't even know that thousands of sellers and shoppers information fell into the hands of those desiring to sell the information or use it for other purposes occurred.

But not everyone selling or shopping on eBay fell victim, some of us had a digital road block in place, in addition to our passwords.  But its not something promoted heavily on eBay or PayPal any more, in fact finding any information about it can be very challenging.

I am referring to Security Token Keys, and in my personal opinion, anyone not taking advantage of this technology is irresponsible.

In this video I am going to tell you about the unique token keys, and give you my reasons why I recommend avoiding the more modern system of using a cell or smart phone for a token key.

How to protect your self and business while selling online at eBay or when using PayPal - online financial transactions security and best practices..

  • You will learn what about the PayPal and Ebay Security Key
  • Why I recommend using a Token Key v.s. Cell Phone Token
  • How as security key helps protect your from Identity Theft
  • How to create a solid password and manage passwords on multiple marketplaces and websites.
  • We will discuss what makes a Complex Passwords
You will need the following links if you want to obtain a security token key for PayPal and Ebay.  PayPal and Ebay no longer have these links on their website, but the did up until they began focusing on using cell phone token keys. 

PayPal Security Key:

Ebay Security Key Information:

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