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Establishing Trust Selling Online

Establishing Trust As An Online Seller

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If a shopper doesn't trust you, they will not buy from your online store, on matter what the marketplace.  This video originally created for sellers on the eBlueJay Market place discusses how to build Shopper TRUST in your online store using your eBay reputation and other suggestions and tools. These principles will work on any marketplace or online store.

The customer service mantra states that "It is easier to retain a customer you already have, than to replace the one you lose." It also says, "You lose potential customers for every single customer that you lose"

Customer Service, Customer Retention, Customer Trust, Customer Confidence is essential for the success of all online sellers on eBay, eBlueJay, Storenvy, Shopify, Big Commerce, Ecrater, Etsy and other market venues where you are the seller are responsible for retaining current customers and developing trust in future potential shoppers.

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