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About Randy Dreammaker

About Randy Dreammaker

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I made my first money online in 1998 when the Internet was at the beginning of what would later be known as the E Commerce Bubble.

There was one company I was particularly fond of, that would pay you for using the internet with their app installed.  The app created a banner that appeared over a section of your browser and showed advertisements, as long as your banner was open, you would make money every time a new advertisement appeared.  Because I worked on a computer, mainly updating a college websites web page and did a lot of online research, I made a whole lot of money every year while that was a reality.  I also got referral fees by getting others to participate, so of course, I got a lot of my university colleagues who did similar work to participate also.

In 2000, I began writing product reviews for an online product review site. They paid royalties for all of my reviews.  I continued writing for and became a top-rated product reviewer until a few years after eBay bought them and closed down the product reviewer program.  Again, I made considerable money in my spare time from Royalties until 2014.

In 2006 I sold for the first time on Ebay and There was no such things as "Flipping" and "Picking" at the time, those terms came later. was a great fit for me, since I often received discontinued college books that were going to be thrown into the trash by the bookstore.  Those sold very well on  Eventually however, under poor management as a separate entity of eBay took a horrible turn, and has never recovered.  Sellers, began reporting other sellers to bump their listings off of once they discovered that Half would ignore victimized sellers and once they discovered, that reporting another seller would automatically cause their listings to drop.
In fact, became so poor after becoming part of eBay, they are on the worst places to sell online list, next to several websites that no one has ever heard of.'s customer support is all via their internal messaging and e-mail - usually completely unhelpful.  While I think is a horrible marketplace, especially now that they created a really strange seller fee structure with rates higher than the best marketplaces, I think Half could actually be an incredible marketplace independently if eBay were to sell them to a more attentive group.  Problem with since being bought by eBay, is that eBay treats them like an unwanted step child, and whoever has been running would need to be fired and replaced.

I've sold on every main stream online marketplace and more recently have began experimenting with marketplaces that are "App Only".  In other words, marketplaces that are not accessible via a website on a computer, but only through a smart phone like an Android Device or Apple IOS or Ipad.  My current favorite Marketplace App is Mercari.

I was a Top-Rated Plus seller on Ebay for several years. In 2017 after eBay decided to make Top Rated Plus sellers offer a 30 Day Return Policy and have the product scanned for shipping the same day in order to meet USPS's estimated Shipping Time or be penalized, I decided to drop out of the program.  Though I always hand deliver and have all my products being shipped, scanned so I get a receipt, eBay penalized my account twice in 2016 when the USPS misdirected my packages being shipped.  In one situation, I had handed the product off the a USPS carrier, who lost the product for over a week.  In another situation, USPS dropped the package into the wrong shipping bin and shipped it across the the USA before returning it to the original shipping from location, and then redirecting it to the correct location. In both situations, I presented eBay's customer service with documentation from the USPS, they said they would correct it and gave me an e-mail address to send them the documentation, but then never removed the "Shipping Defect" penalty.

eBay also reduced the Top Rated Plus Seller Bonus Fee Reductions and changed the final value fee discounts.  The extra hassle and effort to participate in the Top Rate Seller Program was no longer worth the extra effort.

In 2017, I currently sell on Mercari, Ebay, Ebluejay and Bonanza.  I have accounts on every marketplace, though I currently find these are my preference at this time.

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