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Apps for eCommerce

APPs for eCommerce

Updated 09-06-2017


It's Today, but it's also the future, that seems like an oxymoron statement, thank you, it was supposed to.

As I (Randy of SellerThink and Reselling Randy) continue to review marketplaces, look at current trends and discuss my findings on YouTube, VidMe, Twitter and this website; I continue to run into dead brain sellers who are locked into yesterdays eCommerce marketplaces like eBay, Etsy and Amazon. We have little discussions when they leave a combative nasty comment defending the only platform that they have known and protected since the later 90's and early 2000's.  It's amusing, yet sad, because the idea of using a Smart Phone or Tablet that uses Android or Apple iOS bewilders them, but unfortunately, Microsoft has been a full blown failure in this technology arena for the same reason; old thinking.

So for those of you reading this I have great news or sad news depending on who you are.  If you are forward thinking enough to explore and experiment with this future technology today, then you will ultimately ended up winning.  Why? Because you are reaching a whole new untapped generation, the future generation today, and you will have sales that those who fear change and can not adapt will never have.  You win because you are ready for the future of eCommerce today, you will be ready when the revolution dust has cleared and marketplaces like eBay, Etsy and Amazon are about as popular as VHS Tapes.  What you say? You still own a VHS tape player and watch VHS tapes. Forgive me for laughing.

I will admit, I was a bit weary of making the transition from Internet web based marketplaces to using my old hand-me-down Iphone 4S that my tech savvy niece gave me, or the Android 4.3 OS locked tablet my brother gave me.

I did tons of research and procrastinated for four months.  I was making videos about these marketplaces based on the experiences relayed by others, long before I began actually selling on them.  After all, I had been brainwashed by eBay especially the PayPal was the eCommerce savior to the world, that interacting socially with shoppers was dangerous and would lead to negative or neutral feedback. eBay had told me that my experience with a buyer were invalid, didn't mean anything and that only a buyers feedback had any merit, even if that buyer fully scammed me and eBay blessed them doing it.

Then I took the dive!  I plunged head first despite all the warnings of old time eBay sellers who had tried and failed miserably on Mercari's app because it was to non-eBaycentric.  I was scared of the idea of having a marketplace hold the money for a sale until the customer has the product, my paying up front for shipping and expenses, No PayPal and having the money paid directly to my bank account.  That's where this story began and that is why I started this page.

I am 100% that smart device app based marketplaces will replace the major online web based marketplaces in the not to distant future.  Marketplaces like eBay, Etsy and Amazon will still be around (probably) but will be more a place for senior citizens and elderly former sellers to shop.
The real money will be made else where. That being said, here is a list of App's I find useful.


* Mercari (Available on iOS and Android devices)  - is a marketplace app. In my option, Mercari will potentially be the biggest threat to eBay in the near future.  It's not dependent on PayPal and that its perfect. By not being dependent on PayPal sellers do not have to hassle with the additional fees PayPal charges to process a payment, bt PayPal also charges its fee on any collected sales tax, so PayPal users end up paying the loss out of their own pockets to their state. On a big enough sale, those sales taxes your paying a fee to PayPal on can be quite significant.  Instead Mercari has a system similar to Alibaba, in which the money is held until the seller ships the product, the buyer has three days to make sure its as described, they rate the seller, the seller rates the buyer and the sale is complete, no refunds, no 180 day PayPal returns to deal with either.  When the seller is ready, they submit a withdrawal request by Sunday and by Monday night the process is processed to get the money headed to your bank account.  You can also keep the money in your Mercari account and spend it so you don't even have any bank trails.  Mercari not only encourages sellers to leave buyers feedback, but requires it, and its a brilliant checks and balances system that eBay abandoned in 2008.
For buyers and sellers, the feedback system helps quickly eliminate bad buyers, sellers and scammers. One of the first things any eBay, Amazon, Etsy sellers will discover right away, is Mercari actually enforces it rules and polices.  That will be a big shock for eBay sellers in particular who are used to being able to bend policies.  It was a shock for me when I got a warning my first week, because I used a stock photo for a new product I was selling. In fact I had a sale my first month that I shipped the product to.  While the product was still being transported by the USPS, I got a buyer rating initiated by Mercari. I thought it was the buyer rating me in advance, but it turned out to be Mercari.  They were in the process of suspending that buyer and needed to make sure the transaction was complete.  I hesitantly rated the buyer, it was fine with me after I thought about it, because once the buyer (or Mercari) rates me, and I rate back, the sales it done and the money is released to my account, so I rated the buyer Great, no problem.  It was only when I followed up with Mercari after the transaction because I was going to check the shipping via the USPS number that I realized that the buyer's account had been closed.  Mercari's staff told me later that the buyer had been suspended for some reason.  So new sellers beware! Mercari keeps it tight on the policies.

Check back on this page later for more suggestions of other marketplace app and seller tool recommendations. This page will be updated.


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