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Look Out eBay, Here comes Mercari

Look Out eBay, Here comes Mercari The month of January 2018 has been a busy one for the Mercari USA App based marketplace.  

If you have been following the SellerThink blog, you already know that Mercari has been working feverishly on it's new web browser version of its marketplace which will allow anyone with a computer to be able to sell on its already popular and fast growing marketplace.
Two weeks ago I reported that many features were already available to most Mercari sellers including full access to the messaging system, the ability to view order details, initiate label e-mails for printing, the ability to edit already created listings, etc.
Much to my surprise, on this last evening of January, I came across seller Stephanie P.R (courtesy photo) who notified me that she now had full access to her Mercari account on the Mercari website via her browser, including the ability to create entirely new listings.
At first I was skeptical, since I have been taking advantage of the l…

More New Seller Features on Mercari Marketplace Website

More New Seller Features Available on Mercari Marketplace Website This is a continuation of the original announcement from January 22, 2018 here on the SellerThink blog, about Mercari's obvious commitment to fulfill its promise to bring shoppers and sellers a version of the Mercari Marketplace app that could be used on a computer or web browser.

Several New Features Several new features have been discovered on the Mercari Website while I was working on fulfilling a customers purchase that will greatly benefit sellers.

MESSAGING First I noticed that full implementation of the Messaging system is now enabled. Previously only non-sale related messages were viewable.  Now, all messages are viewable via the website with the ability to respond.

I love this new ability, because most of my business time is spent in front of a computer working on product photos, listing to eBay, eBlueJay, Bonanza or creating and processing new sale orders for shipping.  Prior to this new integration of me…

Mercari Website Takes Giant Leap Forward

Mercari Website Takes Giant Leap Forward

This week, Mercari took a giant leap forward towards making it's website accessible to computer users by adding the ability to Edit already listed products directly via it's website.
As I have predicted and stated numerous times in recent SellerThink videos on YouTube about Mercari; it has been my prediction that Mercari Marketplace would become a direct competition to eBay in particular and displace as the third most valuable marketplace in the USA for online buying and selling.
Prior to this week, Mercari shoppers and sellers were able to only use the website to search products and make purchases, with very limited features for sellers.  This new ability for sellers to edit product listings can only be considered significant, as it will make editing products, updating photos and even utilizing new Mercari shipping features much more accessible.
In 2017 in a discussion with Mercari's most experience customer service re…

Mercari Abandons Sellers With First 2018 App Update

Mercari Abandons Sellers With First 2018 App UpdateOn December 12, 2017 during the Holiday Rush, Mercari USA released its buggy new app update sending sellers into panic and costing many sellers financial losses.  The latest update for iPhones is 5.11.1 and requires a device capable of running iOS 10. For Android users the latest update is 4.26.0 and requires Android OS 5.   Previous versions of the Mercari app maintained a level of backwards functionality, but according to Mercari support representative ThomPaul, Mercari will no longer support previous versions of the app for non iOS 10 and non Android OS 5 devices in the immediate future.

What we have here is a failure to communicate Users of previous versions of the app, either have no access or receive a pop up message encouraging its sellers and buyers to update to the new version. Even touching the message will immediately redirect the user to Apple Store, Itunes or Google Play to download the new version. Despite the pop-up mess…