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Best Places To Sell Online in 2017 - 2018

Best Places To Sell Online in 2017 - 2018

Every year, sellers and even shoppers want to know which marketplace is hot! So every year since 2013, we've provided the answers to that single question, "What is the best marketplace to sell online in 2017 and 2018"?

Unlike previous years where we gave you the top 5 places to sell online, this year we did everything very different. First of all, we ran numerous polls on two different Twitter Accounts, conducted live interviews with shoppers, did videos polls and targeted either sellers or shoppers to give of the most accurate results.

Next, we didn't limit the results to the top 5 like in all the previous years, instead this year we give you the results of the 15 most popular marketplaces to run your online store, including Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Wix, Poshmark, Shopify, BigCommerce, Ecrater, Mercari, eBid, Offerup, eBlueJay, Ioffer, Bonanza and Storenvy.

Below is the video of results. You'll find out which marketplaces sh…

Should eBay sellers be allowed to restrict sales to specific states?

Should eBay sellers be allowed to restrict sales to specific states? 

As a marketplace researcher, I occasionally check the eBay Community Forums to see what kind of experiences and thoughts are running through the minds of eBay sellers. Once in awhile I actually find one interesting enough to write about.  If 's extra interesting, I may even post it onto Twitter as a Poll. This is one such example.

A seller on eBay recently posted an intriguing question about shipping restrictions by states.  The seller proposed eBay provide sellers with additional restricts in addition to being able to restrict Hawaii, Alaska, US Territories and most countries (outside of the USA).

 You can read and participate in the actual question and responses on eBay's community directly from its source at

It's an interesting question so I posted a #poll on #Twitter to see what other sellers think too. …

eBlueJay Marketplace Buyer Scam Warning - What you need to know

eBlueJay Marketplace Buyer Scam Warning - What you need to know eBlueJay is currently the target of a new buyer scam, here are the details of one account, what you as a seller on eBlueJay need to be aware of about eBlueJay in order to protect yourself.

In the message, the buyer claims to have paid for a transaction on an eBlueJay product, claims to have called "Client Support" and provides a link to an eBlueJay page where they have uploaded a PDF file of their eBlueJay and PayPal transactions.

Almost looks convincing, unless you happen to be a Marketplace Researcher.  So here are the breakdown of facts and fiction that you need to know to protect yourself from Phishing Scams like this one and any new ones that pop on your eBlueJay seller account.

1. eBlueJay does not offer "Client Support by phone", or any other kind of phone support.
2. Every eBlueJay transaction both those that fail and those that succeed, those that are paid for and unpaid for will show up in e…

Are you a Hobby or Small Business - How your State Plans to Screw You.

Are you a Hobby or Small Business - How your State Plans to Screw You. You may end up being a business to your city and state required to pay for licenses, collect sales taxes and file state profit/loss tax documents, but with the IRS declaring you as a Hobby if your business doesn't turn a genuine taxable profit within three out of your first five years.  
Think that sucks?  California is launching an ambitious campaign to nickle and dime all sellers within its borders that use the internet or phone apps to sell.   So you're thinking, I am just selling junk from around my house, but in California in particular, if you are making a profit on those items then you are a Sole Proprietor once you sell three items within a year.  But you only made $100 in that year you say, California doesn't care, and lets take away the other excuses also, it doesn't matter if you had no sales directly to anyone in California, it only matters that you did the selling from California.