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Creating A Packing List For Your Shipments

Creating a Packing List For Your Packages

I recommend, using a Packing Invoice Slip. This would include the customers name and address. You want this information so that if the package gets damaged during shipping, the name and address are still available to the shipper to allow them to know where to ship it. It's rare, but shipping labels, packing envelopes and boxes can lose the label. You Want to make sure your package doesn't end up lost in the shippers undeliverable pile.
You also want to detail what is included in the package, this is for the customer and the shipper.  The customer can cross check what is in the box against the list of items that are supposed to be in the box. You would also use this to make notations for packages that are split into separate shipments. For the Shipper side, having the contents listed, allows the shipper to know what is supposed to be in the package in the event the package is damaged during shipping.
I like to have a web address, especi…

eBay Kills Close 5 App Marketplace

eBay Kills Close 5 App Marketplace
It doesn't take being a genius to realize that eBay is really only good at being eBay, and even being good at being eBay isn't always a good thing.
On November 30, 2017 eBay will kill with one final nail, another of it's poorly manged alternative marketplace businesses; Close 5 a local community buying and selling app is dead. Long live Close 5.
Earlier in 2017 eBay killed, a marketplace for books, music, movies and similar media.  
Back in 2014, eBay sterilized its once famous which it purchased along with  You ever heard of or  O.K. I think you are beginning to get the picture.

All three of these companies were once prosperous and vital marketplaces that had the potential of succeeding long into their future.  That is, until eBay purchased them.
Ebay has a tendency to buy amazing companies and run them much like they do eBay, with piss-ass customer service, poor seller supp…

2018 eBay Policies Review

2018 eBay Policies Review

2017 and well into first quarter 2018 on eBay, so many changes have occurred both in written policies and unwritten policies that it was impossible to write everything into a single written article about the changes.
eBay's 2018 policies are a carryover of all the radical changes that were implemented in 2017, policies that begin in April 2018 and any additional policies that will roll out during the 2018 Spring, Summer and Fall policies updates.  eBay loves making policy revisions on its sellers, despite its history of aggravating those it depends on for its revenue.  Obviously without sellers, eBay is nothing more than a giant html website on the internet like or, or some other dying historical internet pioneer.

2017 has been an interesting year, because a previously mostly unknown marketplace created by a Japanese ecommerece team in Japan, quietly launched in the United States called Mercari.  Though Mercari officially launched tw…

Yahoo Announces Hack Bigger Than Equifax

Yahoo Announces Hack Bigger Than Equifax
New Yahoo e-mail owners Verizon, announced today that they have determined the Yahoo hacking of e-mail accounts in 2013 was not limited as the original Yahoo owners had led everyone to believe. Instead of being under 1 Billion as originally announced in 2013/2014, today's announcement suggests that every account holder was hacked, at at least 3 Billion e-mail accounts.
If you have a Yahoo Account, you may recall that Yahoo's former owners initially delayed publishing or releasing the information.  E-mail users were simply told to change their passwords. No new updates or details. It seemed pretty insignificant based on the tone and approach Yahoo's then owners took in delivering the delayed news to the customers. 
It's quite mind numbing that Yahoo (now owned by Verizon) is releasing the facts that its entire database was hacked affecting over 3 Billion accounts. Four years have already passed and many Yahoo account holders are…

Best Places To Sell Online in 2017 - 2018

Best Places To Sell Online in 2017 - 2018

Every year, sellers and even shoppers want to know which marketplace is hot! So every year since 2013, we've provided the answers to that single question, "What is the best marketplace to sell online in 2017 and 2018"?

Unlike previous years where we gave you the top 5 places to sell online, this year we did everything very different. First of all, we ran numerous polls on two different Twitter Accounts, conducted live interviews with shoppers, did videos polls and targeted either sellers or shoppers to give of the most accurate results.

Next, we didn't limit the results to the top 5 like in all the previous years, instead this year we give you the results of the 15 most popular marketplaces to run your online store, including Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Wix, Poshmark, Shopify, BigCommerce, Ecrater, Mercari, eBid, Offerup, eBlueJay, Ioffer, Bonanza and Storenvy.

Below is the video of results. You'll find out which marketplaces sh…

Should eBay sellers be allowed to restrict sales to specific states?

Should eBay sellers be allowed to restrict sales to specific states? 

As a marketplace researcher, I occasionally check the eBay Community Forums to see what kind of experiences and thoughts are running through the minds of eBay sellers. Once in awhile I actually find one interesting enough to write about.  If 's extra interesting, I may even post it onto Twitter as a Poll. This is one such example.

A seller on eBay recently posted an intriguing question about shipping restrictions by states.  The seller proposed eBay provide sellers with additional restricts in addition to being able to restrict Hawaii, Alaska, US Territories and most countries (outside of the USA).

 You can read and participate in the actual question and responses on eBay's community directly from its source at

It's an interesting question so I posted a #poll on #Twitter to see what other sellers think too. …

eBlueJay Marketplace Buyer Scam Warning - What you need to know

eBlueJay Marketplace Buyer Scam Warning - What you need to know eBlueJay is currently the target of a new buyer scam, here are the details of one account, what you as a seller on eBlueJay need to be aware of about eBlueJay in order to protect yourself.

In the message, the buyer claims to have paid for a transaction on an eBlueJay product, claims to have called "Client Support" and provides a link to an eBlueJay page where they have uploaded a PDF file of their eBlueJay and PayPal transactions.

Almost looks convincing, unless you happen to be a Marketplace Researcher.  So here are the breakdown of facts and fiction that you need to know to protect yourself from Phishing Scams like this one and any new ones that pop on your eBlueJay seller account.

1. eBlueJay does not offer "Client Support by phone", or any other kind of phone support.
2. Every eBlueJay transaction both those that fail and those that succeed, those that are paid for and unpaid for will show up in e…

Are you a Hobby or Small Business - How your State Plans to Screw You.

Are you a Hobby or Small Business - How your State Plans to Screw You. You may end up being a business to your city and state required to pay for licenses, collect sales taxes and file state profit/loss tax documents, but with the IRS declaring you as a Hobby if your business doesn't turn a genuine taxable profit within three out of your first five years.  
Think that sucks?  California is launching an ambitious campaign to nickle and dime all sellers within its borders that use the internet or phone apps to sell.   So you're thinking, I am just selling junk from around my house, but in California in particular, if you are making a profit on those items then you are a Sole Proprietor once you sell three items within a year.  But you only made $100 in that year you say, California doesn't care, and lets take away the other excuses also, it doesn't matter if you had no sales directly to anyone in California, it only matters that you did the selling from California.

Utah for sale! Need some new direct marketing sale leads? How about the State of Utah.

Utah for sale! Need some new direct marketing sale leads? How about the State of Utah.
Everyone who runs an online business or direct sales business is looking for sales leads. Bur let me ask you a question.  When was the last time you sold something to a shopper in Utah? Right, Me neither - I've never sold or shipped anything or had a purchase from someone in Utah before. Certainly they buy stuff online, or purchase products from the mail, so why not make it your stuff?
According to Fox New 13 for only $1,050 plus change, you can buy the name, address, age and some phone numbers of every registered voter in the state of Utah.  Makes you glad you don't live in Utah right? Again, me too.
The idea that Utah sells all of its voters information is basically like Google Advertising Utah government style, or in essence, if you're going to vote in Utah, then you are forced to agree to become Utah's advertising property for the privilege.
Utah's residents loss can become …

Your favorite place to sell online - 4th of July Poll Results

Your favorite place to sell - 4th of July Poll Results

Happy July 4th, 2017 America.  Time to get your fireworks out and make some noise and smoke. Time to remember, why we do the things we do as a country, and time to take a Poll on YouTube and Twitter.  Which is the best place to sell, from these options. EBlueJay Bonanza Mercari Ioffer ?Take the poll on #Twitter@ResellingRandy

Though the poll has ended, check out who you said were the best places to sell online out of the July 4th, poll options, below.

Shocking News, Ebay closes August 31, 2017

Shocking News, Ebay closes August 31, 2017

Shocking news released in an e-mail on Friday, June 16, 2017 by (an eBay company) When I first heard the news forwarded to me by Chris Hartmann of Hartmann books an online speciality bookstore I was a little skeptical but fully intrigued.   Though I am a registered user, I didn't receive the e-mail notification personally.  Chris also referred me to the announcement posted by EcommerceBytes which confirmed my intrigue.  (You can watch the video announcement on YouTube HERE or at the bottom of this article.)

As a YouTuber who reviews marketplaces for anyone interested in becoming an online reseller, I was not entirely shocked.  Back in November 2016 when I created my 2017 Review Video about the current state of, I predicted its future demise. You Were Once A Rising Star On August 31, 2017 will end business and relay visitors to eBay.  Anyone who has made a purc…

When do my online sales get reported to the IRS?

When do my online sales get reported to the IRS?

A top question i hear as a reseller and a marketplace reviewer on YouTube and VidMe, is "When does eBay report my taxes to the IRS". Finding relative information for resellers big and small whether it be about State Sales Taxes or IRS Taxes can be relatively challenging despite the plethora of information available on Google and other search engines.  So I decided to take it upon myself to provide the answer here on my reselling help blog. 
I also discuss Taxes for Resellers on marketplaces like Ebay and on my YouTube channel.  Here are a couple of video links, but none of the current videos possess the information I am providing here on the Reselling Randy Blog. Candid Thoughts About Ebay, California, Sellers Permits, New Sellers Do I need a permit or license to sell on eBay in California?Should eBay sellers get a license and pay taxes? (Final Thoughts)Ebay Sellers California Taxes, Permits, Licenses, Requirements So…