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About Global Shipping Program

About Global Shipping Program 

Bonanza Marketplace Global Shipping - I bet you never thought you would see that in a sentence together, but it's true. For Fourth Quarter 2016 Holiday Season, teamed up with Pitney Bowes to bring you seamless International Shipping.
(Read below for links to information and Opt-In Link Also for links to account for preparing for international sales)

I didn't have time to write out a full review, so I reviewed it on YouTube which covers the following topics (Also read more details below the video):

How much does Bonanza Global Shipping Work? * A comparison of Ebay Global Shipping and Global Shipping.
* How does Bonanza Global Shipping work?
* Where do I ship my Bonanza Global Shipped packages to?
* What can be shipped with Global Shipping?
* Who processes a package shipped Internationally through Shipping?…