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EBay Holiday Trending Map 2016

Holiday Trending Ebay Map 2016

Making it's second Holiday appearance, is Ebay's Holiday Trending Map (See bottom of page)  The Holiday map allows you to see what product is currently trending in each state within the USA.

Just click on your state or the state you want to check, and a pop up window will display the top trending products.

One thing to keep in mind, that we observed in the original 2015 Map, is some products appearing in the map may be trending because eBay is pushing those products via its marketplace.  So keep that in mind when using the map, it is an interesting nifty tool.  It may help you figure out which products to pick-up on Black Friday or Thanksgiving Day sales to try and flip as arbitrage.

It features three primary categories, Electronics, Fashion and Toy's! However, the top trending products are not limited to these categories, if something is trending in your state in a different category.

Use it below  or go to the official eBay page at https://w… Seller Commission Fees Increase Seller Commission Fees Increase As of December 16, 2016 and into 2017, stores and individuals that sell on Ebay's will experience a significant increase in the commission fees they pay when a listed item sells. nearly doubled its fees for all commissions, ranking it as one of the highest profit losses for online sellers of most marketplaces, second only to which takes a significant cut.

The benefit of is enormous popularity and online presence. In polls and interviews conducted by How To Sell Online in 2015 and 2016, we discovered that the first place those polled think of when desiring to locate and purchase a product online is Amazon. Only 2% mentioned eBay as the first place that came to mind. None of our participants polled or interviewed ever mentioned focuses on Text Books, Books, Music and Audio Book CD's, Video Games, Movies on Blueray, DVD and VHS tape. While prices can often be great for shoppers, t…

Shopseen Final Review

Shopseen Final and
At the end of 2016 and going into 2017, How To Sell Online will no longer conduct marketplace or service reviews about Shopseen or its newer 
Shopseen is a seller hub that allows various marketplaces to cross-sell the same products and inventory. When a sale occurs on one marketplace, it is automatically removed from the other marketplaces. It also allows the ability to collect e-mail addresses and send out a newsletter to customers on any marketplace. It does this by importing all sales data and customer e-mails addresses directly into a sorted email list.  This can be a great benefit to sellers and small businesses using Shopseen, considering some marketplaces do not make customer e-mail addresses easily accessible.  
At the time of this final review, the website suggests having 9663 businesses using its services:
"Join 9663+ businesses today. No credit card required."


What's New for 2017

What's New for 2017
So what can you expect from your favorite marketplace in 2017?
2016-17 Online Selling surprised sellers with a significant commission fee increase during 2016 fourth quarter holiday season, doubling commissions to an average of 20% final sales fee.  This makes the second highest commission fee of all marketplaces, second only to
(Full Article and Video) launched a Global Shipping program using the same warehouse and Pitney Bowes company as Ebay. You'll need to Opt-In to it, if that sounds like something you want to do.  Recommend? Yes! If you sell on, the Global Shipping program is definitely something you want to support and engage in to help increase sales. Bonanza Global Shipping program policies are similar to Ebay's. (Video) rolled out its Fall policies. While the defects policies are mostly unchanged since mid-2016, there are a lot of changes you need to be aware of t…