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Storenvy's Brock Cady recommendation for Custom Theme

Storenvy's Brock Cady recommendation for Custom ThemeA few weeks ago, I updated the information for sellers on Storenvy who were looking for custom theme's for their stores. Several were added to the list with a spectrum of prices ranging from $12 up to $100. (View them here)
Today (May 12, 2016) on the Storenvy Community Facebook Group, representative Brock Cady recommended, "New Shop Design" as a go-to for custom themes, coding, logos, etc.
New Shop Design's custom themes are comfortably priced at an opening cost of $35.  They currently offer five different pre-made layouts to choose from, for those who do not need or want to pay for an original custom design layout.

Since Brock Cady represents Storenvy, it can be assumed that New Shop Design is a reputable store and service for those who need a template, layout or logo.

Also, be sure to check out the other Custom Theme creatorshere.