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Storenvy Sold To Mystery Buyer 2016 Update #4

Storenvy Sold To Mystery Buyer 2016 Update #4

Storenvy has under went a lot of changes since 2014 as already noted in past updates for 2016 and the latest news is potentially all positive. In April 2016, Storenvy was able to resolve the connection issues some of its store hosts were experiencing using PayPal in Australia and Canada to the great pleasure of those selling from those international countries. A "Cancel Sale" option was also added that allows the store to internally mark a invoice as cancelled.  This was an important update since previously the only option was to either leave an invoice as marked paid or to place it on hold.
Though the Cancel Sale feature does not initiate a refund or related processes, it does allow an invoice to be noted as cancelled for reports, business and tax related records.  Useful in situations where a refund has been initiated by the seller, a customer backed out of a sale or when a fraudulent purchase has occurred.
Other big news was m… VS Seller Experience VS Seller Experience
As an online marketplace reviewer, I operate several stealth mystery shopper accounts on multiple marketplaces.  Some of these marketplaces never end up resulting in a written or video review for various reasons. 
For instance, I have mystery shopper accounts on several new marketplaces that have not implemented SSL, a form of data encryption between your web browser and that marketplace to help keep information private.  This kind of marketplace will not be reviewed, instead it gets monitored until security and problem areas are corrected.  On occasion, if I believe the marketplace has potential of becoming a valuable marketplace for sellers in the future, I will reach out covertly through their contact system and provide suggestions on how they can make improvements, while still maintaining the covertness of the mystery shopper accounts.
 Once I have reviewed a marketplace more than once, or have a history with the marketplace, I will o…

Amazon (Video, Episode #1) Stone Dreammaker

Amazon Review with Michael Stone and Randy Dreammaker on YouTube. YouTube Entrepreneurs and Online Resellers, Michael Stoneand Randy Dreammaker, collaborate for several Selling Stuff Online videos on YouTube.   In this first release of the mini episodes, Michael Stone shares his current experiences and recent problems happening at Amazon where he sells FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon)
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Who Just Bought Ebay? (April Fools Video)

Who Just Bought Ebay?
You heard about it in 2015 when everyone was expecting Alibaba to buy USA Ebay, but you will be shocked to find out who actually spent the 1.2 Billion US Dollars to acquire the world renowned auction website.
Randy Dreammaker reports in his final video update for How To Sell Online.

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