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Ebluejay Marketplace Features For Selling Online - Updated

Ebluejay Marketplace Features (Updated 3/4/16) I officially opened my test and review store on EBlueJay on March 1, 2016, and future updates will be based on first hand interaction with the marketplace, until I conduct a video review on the new marketplace in the future for YouTube,

During beta, I often discussed it's anticipated features in the Best Places To Sell Online videos on YouTube.  A few of those features have either not made it into the new online marketplace or may be added later.  Either way, now that Ebluejay is out of beta and anyone can sell on this marketplace, let's take a look at what features are available for sellers!
An important thing to note is there are no fees for selling on the new Ebluejay marketplace, other than an initial one time setup fee, currently $5.00. Instead, Ebluejay has advertising on its marketplace and it's minimal compared to the advertisements EBay and Amazon have.
Ebluejay was formerly Blujay which had a different …

Storenvy Custom Store Themes 2016

Storenvy Custom Store Themes 2016 A very popular question that comes up often, especially on Storenvy's Facebook Group is the question about where can a store seller obtain a customized theme for their Storenvy custom store? 
Back in 2014, there were about five artists and web designers who were selling customized themes for Storenvy Custom Stores, here in 2016 I hadn't heard of any that were still involved in creating them for Storenvy, mainly because there is bigger money and more demand for Shopify theme artists and web designers.
That all changed today, when one of those theme designers popped back up on the Storenvy Facebook Group, one who I had known about back in 2014 who does nice work.

ENVY LOOKS ($12 to $20)
Borislav Ivanov is a web designer, artist and custom theme designer from Bolivia who has been creating themes for store owners who want their own original custom Storenvy, for at least four years.
He just announced that he is once again available to take custom o…