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Bonanza Marketplace Extreme Review

Bonanza Marketplace Extreme Review Your begged me for it! So here is the EXTREME REVIEW of for 2016.  Yes, it took me a whole year to get around to doing the promised indepth review on Marketplace, but here it is.  (Watch video at bottom of page, or on YouTube.)
In the EXTREME REVIEW of the Bonanza Marketplace video on YouTube, I break it all down in an old school, hard core fashion with no holds barred! 

Who should sell on in 2016?
Ebay importing to
Selling on
What kind of sales and view traffic can you expect on Bonanza Marketplace?
Breakdown and review of Bonanza Marketplaces Advertising Features!'s 2016 Price increases for Advertising on Google Shopping Cart, Next Tag,  and Bonanza Affiliate websites.
Bonanza's Memberships, Price Increases in 2016 and their overall value compared to selling on Ebay.
Turbo Traffic Package and should you pay $25.00 for a 1 time chance of possibly receiving 300%…

Its Tax Season 2016

Its Tax Season 2016 It tax season 2016, do you have your state and federal taxes ready yet?

Here in California the 2015 State Taxes are due at the end of the month (January 31, 2016), so the rush is on!

Then we get to play with the Federal Taxes, we're so lucky!

Hope you enjoy this humorous photo below, and if you are looking for some direction about online selling and taxes, this link below may help get you pointed down the right path.

Article: Sales taxes for Ebay, Amazon and Online Sellers.

Thoughts from Brooke Peterson

Thoughts from Brooke Peterson
No one has all the answers for making money, succeeding as an online seller, or hitting the nine to five workforce, not even Randy Dreammaker, so I thought I would do something I have not done a lot of in the past, and that is to share Brooke Peterson's blog.
Brooke shares some great thoughts about finding balance between paying the bills and making sure you stay healthy physically and emotionally.
As online sellers and entrepreneurs, we sometimes work 15 hour days between sourcing products, listing products, shipping products, managing bank accounts and fees, etc.
I love the Steve Job's quote near the end of her article. "Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition." – Steve Jobs, Stanford University Commencement Speech, 2005 Make sure to read this articl…

Storenvy Marketplace Future, Will it survive - Review 2016 Update #3

Storenvy's Marketplace Future, will it survive? Storenvy Marketplace Review 2016 Update #3
So it is 2016 and the Storenvy Marketplace opened the year with asking all of its "free custom stores" to make a contribution towards its operations and continued existence.
If you sell on Storenvy and you have logged into your dashboard since December 2015, or checked into it's Facebook group, then you have no doubt seen the pitches or requests for contributions.
During the past four years that I have been following Storenvy as a marketplace reviewer, I've seen Storenvy make some often very bold and dramatic decisions that self-sabotaged both sellers and marketplace shoppers.  It is difficult to watch this genuinely high potential marketplace stumbles.
There seem to be two kinds of sellers on Storenvy, those making lots of sales and those having few sales; this is understandable and should be expected when it comes to selling with a custom store. In my experience, 95% of …