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I had never heard of the Mulasa Marketplace until Mulasa Mulasa on YouTube posted a comment on the Best Places To Sell Online in 2014 video.

It is not uncommon for individuals to make comments and post links on YouTube videos hoping to drive traffic to their online store, or eBay page.  It is rare however for a legitimate marketplace to post such comments, especially on a YouTube channel that actually reviews marketplaces. 
All comments posted on YouTube with a link are automatically marked by YouTube as possible spam and have to be approved for public viewing by the channels administrator.  The person who posted the comment and link will see their comment when revisiting that channel, however no one else sees it until the channel administration approves it.
Because Mulasa is a marketplace that posted on my recommendations video (that was actually recorded at the end of 2013 and is now in need of many updates) I decided to approve …

286 Rules of Acquisition (Making Lots of Money)

286 Rules of Acquisition (Making Lots of Money)

I get asked all the time on multiple Facebook Groups and YouTube, "How do I make a lot of money selling online".

Many have tried everything they can think of to get customers to their store, they have researched their products, tried social media and a few even gave promoted posts a shot on Facebook and Twitter.

So what is the secret that those making $2,000 or more a month selling online use?  What do they know that you don't?

The truth is, top sellers on eBay, Amazon, Storenvy, Etsy, Bonanza, etc. all have one thing in common,  We are all part of a secret order, a select group of individuals chosen by the powers that be, to represent a marketplace due to our incredible abilities to sell.

Certainly, you were already beginning to imagine that such a conspiracy exists, and you're correct!
So, why hasn't anyone before now, come out and admitted it openly? Well, its because if you learned our secret, we'd have to k…

Should I sell on Multiple Marketplaces?

Answering the question:  Should I sell on Multiple Marketplaces?

During 2014, the online marketplaces saw a lot of shifts that affected sellers, so it became standard for those of us doing marketplace reviews online to recommend selling on multiple platforms.

The advantage is, if one of the marketplaces changes its policies in a manner that affects your ability to sell successfully on that marketplace, then you still hopefully have income coming from your other stores.

Personally, I recommend you use a tool like  or a similar tool, that will let you manage your inventory in one online location, but cross-sell it to other platforms.

During 2015, online sales hit a big slump, though heading into 2016, sales are increasing on the major marketplaces like eBay and Amazon, Etsy.

Your sales will be affected by what you sell, your prices, competition, and the marketplace, so as experienced sellers say, "Research, Research, Research".

You want to find marketplaces to sell on t…

2015 Class Action Ebay Seller Lawsuit

Ebay Lawsuit
According to an article just released. eBay has found itself in another lawsuit which it just settled. The lawsuit will be relevant to you if you have sold on eBay using the Buy It Now feature. The original article is here .

Conversations about the lawsuit are already circulating on Facebook related groups.

Further information regarding the allegations in the lawsuit, the terms of settlement, and class members' options can be found on the settlement website, www.ebaybuyitnowclassaction.comor by calling 1-844-528-0186.


STORENVY CUSTOM STORES 2015 Will Storenvy be a good place to sell in 2015?

(IMPORTANT NEWS UPDATE #2 - Announced on 12/27/15 by Storenvy.
Some sellers took a recent request from Storenvy for donations to help pay for the yearly costs of its "free stores" as a possible sign that Storenvy may not survive until 2017. 

The free stores are already subject to a 10% final value fee and 10% shipping commission fee any time that "Storenvy" identifies it's main market contributed to the sale. Only sales specifically driven by the store owner to their custom store are able to avoid paying the commissions. Once Storenvy can determine they contributed to a sale occurring on a custom store, all future sales in that custom store will incur the commissions fee when made by that particular customer. 

This has recently caused some upset on the Storenvy Facebook Group, from sellers who claim that they drove their customers to the store front and feel Storenvy unfairly took the 10% fe…