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Editing Product Photos

Editing Product Photos For Ebay,, Etsy, Storenvy, Google Shopping, Shopify, Amazon, Ecrater, Ebluejay or anywhere else you sell. If you have ever read the suggestions provided for photos at almost any marketplace online where you can sell your own merchandise, then you have probably seen the suggestion for uploading photos with a White Background,
It's not as difficult or impossible as it seems, in fact, with a computer, a few minutes and the techniques included in this YouTube video, you can do it rather easily and for free.
In this video, Randy Dreammaker shows you how to edit the backgrounds for your product photos using the FREE Photoshop Alternative software called Paint.Net.  
Paint.Net is a powerful free photo editing software for your computer.  However, without someone showing you how easy and simple it is to use Paint.Net to make your product photos background white, it can be challenging.  That is the reason for this How-To video.
You can download Paint.Net …

Beginners Guide #2 - How to light your product

In Randy Dreammaker Beginners Guide #2 Video,  You will learn how to light your products to sell on your online store, on an extremely low budget.

Dreammaker is a professional cinematographer who has lit movies, award winning films, music videos and commercials.  Using basic lighting tips, Randy will help you get that white background look, eliminate glare and reflections from glass, plastic, metal and glossy products, tell you the free  Iphone, Android or computer Apps and Software that he recommends, demonstrates how to take photos using an Iphone, and how to upload photos to's free Instagram Store.

Randy Dreammaker YouTube Channel

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Randy Dreammaker
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Recommend Video - Flipping Footware

Flipping Footwear on YouTube say's that Keen Shoes sell quickly on eBay.
Here is a link to eBay's Used Keen Shoes that have sold, and they seem to sell for a decent price.

In this video by Flipping Footwear, you will receive some great tips to help you know what to look for when buying used shoes.

In the Newest Randy Dreammaker video on YouTube.  I took an evening to Broadcast Live for the first time to answer Thirty-Two Strange, Funny, Weird random questions.  It was a lot of fun to talk at a personal level with my friends, fans and followers for the first time.

Randy Dreammaker
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