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2016 Best and Worst Places To Make Money Selling Online

2016 Best and Worst Places To Make Money Selling Online
It's 2016! It's time to make some money! It's 2016, It's not gonna be funny! Lets get in the groove - so get yer ass to move! It's 2016! It's time to make the money.

In this first video on youtube for How To Sell Online in 2016, I break down the best and worst places to make money selling online.
Including:  Amazon Bonanza Custom Storefronts Ebay EblueJay Etsy Ioffer JustAuctions Mulasa Storenvy
Watch the video below or click >Here to watch it on YouTube<

Christmas Humor

Christmas HumorThe Eve, Santa Claus brought me underwear 
instead of a Wishing you an awesome close in the 4th Quarter of 2015! 

USPS Throws Packages During Holiday 2015

USPS Throws Packages During Holiday 2015
Two days ago, the USPS made the news headlines when it came to public attention that some of its branches were filming customer license plates and using facial recognition to record those customers faces using hidden cameras at their parking lot exits.
Today, the USPS is back in the news for throwing packages being shipped by online sellers to their customers.
As a representative of online sellers and as an online seller myself, I find this in-reprehensible and a total disregard for the business we provide to the USPS, especially during the holidays.  The past two years selling online under the current US economy have hit hard for many online sellers as it is, no online seller needs the additional headache and financial losses that are created by a damaged package.
It is true, and I would be the first to tell any online seller who asked, that any package they ship needs to be able to withstand the 5-foot drop test, but as I watch the video (be…

Is the US Post Office watching you

Is the US Post Office Watching You?

As online sellers, the majority of our business is dealing with shipping services, and primarily with the US Postal Service.  This is especially true during the holiday seasons from October through January.
What you may not be aware of, is US Postal Offices have began video recording your vehicle license plates and doing facial recognition scans. Does this alarm you? It should!  Especially when no one in the US Postal Inspection Department is fessing up to what happens to those images, who sees them, what government agencies have access to this information, and merely that they are not providing legal disclosure regarding their covert actions.
What may strike you as even more unusual is that postal supervisors who manage the inner activities within local post offices are unaware or not admitting to knowing about the presence of these hidden cameras that have been covertly planted outside and around their branch.

News station Fox31 in Denver, Colorad…

Customer Support Tickets on Storenvy

Customer Support Tickets on Storenvy
If you sell on Storenvy, as I do, you may find yourself frustrated by not knowing the status of your customer support status tickets. 
The Storenvy Facebook Support Group is continually full of sellers complaining about not hearing back from Storenvy support after submitting a question or concern through the support contact. Mostly during the weekends when Storenvy is closed, and well, let's also say there are plenty of impatient people selling online, who expect an immediate answer or in less than two days.

On a more realistic note, Storenvy is a small company of a handful of employees doing their best to handle the 60,000 store sellers and their customers, and therefore has to prioritize the customer support tickets. Someday, when Storenvy is making more profit they will be able to add more staff to their customer assistance. As it currently stands, after several years of giving free custom stores away with little profit for Storenvy, they a…

Ebays Holiday Hot Map Whats trending

Ebay's Holiday Hot Map Whats trending
Ebay's New Holiday Map tells you where sales are trending and what's trending in sales for 2015!
Brilliant move by a flow of other recently brilliant moves by a new eBay president that understand's its sellers.

All you need to do is click on your state or the state you want to check, and a pop up window will display the top trending products.

Its an amazingly innovative tool released under eBay's new forward thinking president. If you haven't tried it, give it a try and bookmark it so you can check it latter.

It features three primary categories, Electronics, Fashion and Toy's! However, the top trending products are not limited to these categories, if something is trending in your state in a different category.  For instance, Cards For Humanity are trending in some states and are not related to Electronics, Fashion or Toys.

Use it below  or go to the official eBay page at

Holiday Protection for Online Sellers

Holiday Protection for Online Sellers
Below are my most recent videos about Protections for Online Selling.
Each video discusses steps you can take to help protect store, transactions, accounts and computers during Fourth Quarter's Holiday Sales and beyond.
1. This video discusses steps you need to take right before or at the beginning of Fourth Quarter to help prepare and protect yourself.

2. This video discusses how to get a free phone number, voice mail, call forwarding and text messaging account for your online store or business as a small seller so you never use your phone phone or cell phone.

3. This video discusses steps to take when you spot Credit Card Fraud if you use Stripe Payment Processing on any of your stores or marketplaces.  Even though the video is specifically about Storenvy, the steps will be similar wherever you sell.  Especially on Stripe inparticular.

How Ebay is Giving Away Your Sales Leads On Watched Products

How Ebay Is Giving Away Your Sales Leads On Watched Products Like myself, as an online seller on eBay, I am sure that you have noticed below your product listing descriptions, how eBay sells space to competitors for the exact same product you paid to list.  Often times, these prices are lower than yours, and are third party sellers (like us) except they sell via Walmart, Best Buy, Target or other retail stores via there website.  If you have ever clicked those advertisements, then you certainly have also realized that the products are not sold or available at those retail locations, but are instead third party sellers with enough inventory leverage, drop shippers and others who pay to be sponsored on those website.
What you may not be aware of, is eBay has introduced a new source of competition that competes 100% directly against your product, to shoppers who have "watched" one of your products!

I had never heard of this until recently when I "Watched" several DVD/…

Bonanza Advertising Price Increases During Fourth Quarter

Bonanza Advertising Price Increases During Fourth Quarter

A little surprised today; when I went to cross-sell a product I have in my Bonanza Booth to eBay, I discovered that raised it's commission prices for advertising.
I have discussed Bonanza many times on my YouTube channel, and my recent thoughts are here on the How To Sell Online blog in My Favorite Places To Sell Online.
According to the new advertising information as shown in the first graphic above.  The "Superior" level commission jumped from 16% to 19% but now suggests that 4.6 Million anticipated shoppers may potentially view your products.
The new "Elite" level gives you the same advertising venues as the "Superior" which includes the 3.5% Bonanza Marketplace Only Advertising, 9% Google Shopping and Bonanza (Promotions), 13% Ebay Cross-selling and Bonanza (Affiliate), and 15% NextTag and Bing Ads.  Other than having the same market venues as the "Superior", the &quo…

Thrift or Die 4 - When Things Go Wrong

Thrift or Die 4 - When Things Go Wrong I wish things all went well when I go out sourcing for things to sell online at Thrift Store, Garage Sales, Swapmeets, etc.  But the reality is, sometimes things just don't go wrong, and at least on YouTube, we tend not to do videos about those moments, because we want viewers to be excited about making the money.
In this video on YouTube, I share with you two times during the same week, at the same Goodwill outlet, where two little things ended up costing me around $300 in potential profit from what would have been a $30 investment.
Sometimes, things go wrong.

YouTube Channel

Heart of Compassion Thanksgiving Event Non 21, 2015 Helping those in need in Los Angles

Heart Of Compassion - Thanksgiving Event - Helping Those In Need in Los Angeles CountyAre you in Los Angeles County, having a hard year financially and needing some relief? Heart of Compassion Distribution is holding its annual Thanksgiving event on Saturday November 21, 2015

Get more information on its website at
on on Facebook at 

Sales Taxes for eBay Amazon and Online Sellers

Sales Taxes for eBay, Amazon and Online Sellers Show me the Money (Added 2-22-16 - PayPal has this new information page about IRS taxes and PayPal.
PayPal IRS Tax Information )

I think the most challenging and difficult question that frustrated me for months when I decided to start selling legally on eBay and elsewhere in my state, was the issue of taxes.
Lets face it, collecting taxes when you sell on eBay or anywhere else is a new concept and many states do not have any laws or decisions about taxes and online sales.
If you are one of the unfortunate few who happen to live in my state of California, then you probably do not even know what the rules are, because despite making it a law, the State of California only initially invested $2,000 to promote the law or to make it known.   However, as a Board of Equalization representative once told me, "There are sellers on eBay with their reseller permits who are collecting taxes, and th… Marketplace Review Marketplace Review and First Impressions.
I had never heard of the Mulasa Marketplace until Mulasa Mulasa on YouTube posted a comment on the Best Places To Sell Online in 2014 video.

It is not uncommon for individuals to make comments and post links on YouTube videos hoping to drive traffic to their online store, or eBay page.  It is rare however for a legitimate marketplace to post such comments, especially on a YouTube channel that actually reviews marketplaces. 
All comments posted on YouTube with a link are automatically marked by YouTube as possible spam and have to be approved for public viewing by the channels administrator.  The person who posted the comment and link will see their comment when revisiting that channel, however no one else sees it until the channel administration approves it.
Because Mulasa is a marketplace that posted on my recommendations video (that was actually recorded at the end of 2013 and is now in need of many updates) I decided to approve …