Shocking News, Ebay closes August 31, 2017

Shocking News, Ebay closes August 31, 2017

Shocking news released in an e-mail on Friday, June 16, 2017 by (an eBay company) When I first heard the news forwarded to me by Chris Hartmann of Hartmann books an online speciality bookstore I was a little skeptical but fully intrigued.   Though I am a registered user, I didn't receive the e-mail notification personally.  Chris also referred me to the announcement posted by EcommerceBytes which confirmed my intrigue.  (You can watch the video announcement on YouTube HERE or at the bottom of this article.)

As a YouTuber who reviews marketplaces for anyone interested in becoming an online reseller, I was not entirely shocked.  Back in November 2016 when I created my 2017 Review Video about the current state of, I predicted its future demise. You Were Once A Rising Star On August 31, 2017 will end business and relay visitors to eBay.  Anyone who has made a purc…

When do my online sales get reported to the IRS?

When do my online sales get reported to the IRS?

A top question i hear as a reseller and a marketplace reviewer on YouTube and VidMe, is "When does eBay report my taxes to the IRS". Finding relative information for resellers big and small whether it be about State Sales Taxes or IRS Taxes can be relatively challenging despite the plethora of information available on Google and other search engines.  So I decided to take it upon myself to provide the answer here on my reselling help blog. 
I also discuss Taxes for Resellers on marketplaces like Ebay and on my YouTube channel.  Here are a couple of video links, but none of the current videos possess the information I am providing here on the Reselling Randy Blog. Candid Thoughts About Ebay, California, Sellers Permits, New Sellers Do I need a permit or license to sell on eBay in California?Should eBay sellers get a license and pay taxes? (Final Thoughts)Ebay Sellers California Taxes, Permits, Licenses, Requirements So…

Why I Like Mercari better than eBay

Why I Like Mercari better than eBay

After researching Mercari for over a year as part of my YouTube reviews process, I finally began selling on Mercari in June 2017.I originally wrote this review for on 06/10/17 (See it here) I prefer Mercari app over for multiple reasons.
1. Simplicity of listing new items = Winner

2. No PayPal, No PayPal Seller Fees, No 180 Day Returns = Winner

3. Easy to communicate with buyers through the chat = Winner

4. No fees on shipping (Ebay and Storenvy both charge 10% on final sales price and shipping costs) = Winner

5. Very active community of shoppers who leave "Likes" on products. The more likes you get, the better your product for sale show up in search results. = Winner

6. Currently getting more sales on Mercari than Ebay. = Winner

7. Mercari has some powerful filters to weed out scammers, crooked buyers and bad sellers = Winner

8. The Feedback Section - In my sales, I sold similar items to two different buyers - same shipping,…

NEWS: ClassAdLister Is An Amazing Android App for Online Sellers

NEWS:  ClassAdLister is an Amazing Android App for Online Sellers
If you sell on eCrater and EblueJay marketplaces, this Android App will make you happy? As a re-seller of retro and vintage products on multiple marketplaces like eBay, Bonanza, EBlueJay, Etsy, Ecrater who is also a marketplace reviewer on YouTube and VidMe, helping both novice and experienced sellers to sell more and sell better; I am always looking for new ways to make that easier.

In the past, I had recommended ShopSeen, a paid service that connected Storenvy, eBay, Etsy and others for the purpose of sharing a single inventory online, which allowed subscribers to cross-list products for sale on multiple marketplaces at the same time. Unfortunately, for many sellers, the pricing structure of ShopSeen was more focused on higher volume, retail brick entities and not as well suited for lower profit margin sellers. So a void existed between 2016 and 2017.

Recently, someone gave me an Android device they no longer neede…

NEWS: eBay teams up with Snupps to create new listing tool

NEWS:  eBay teams up with Snupps to create new listing tool

What you say! You have never heard of Snupps before?Welcome to the club, Snupps has passed under the radar for many small business and online sellers, that is until today.
So what is Snupps and why should you care?
Snupps is a social media website and mobile application on iOS and Android that allows users to “organize and socialize around the stuff they own and cherish”. The app has been seen to have a dual inventory and social function.
OK so Snupps is just another iOS and Android app, but why should I care?
Well if you sell on eBay, then Snupps is just about to become your new best friend.  eBay and Snupps recently teamed up together to create an amazing listing tool.  Now you can take advantage of Snupps social and organization technology and list straight to eBay.
Sellers frustrated with eBay's Turbo Lister and other old school listing tools, can not manage their inventory offline in Snupps and then list and sell directl…

NEWS: PayPal Increases Transaction Fees

NEWS: PayPal Increases Transaction Fees Updated 2/19/17

In Nov 2016 I Randy Dreammaker predicted #PayPal fee increases. Today Feb 2017 PayPal announced they are increasing fees. The New fee increases take effect March 29, 2017 and affect USA payment processing only. The primary fee increases in this initial roll-out are for Cross-Border sales, making it yet even more expensive for USA eBay and other marketplace sellers to compete internationally. Currently USA sellers, small businesses and online businesses have an unfair trade and export disadvantage due to the horrible US Postal Service agreement which allows China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and several other countries to export into the USA for pennies on the dollar compared to the costs USA sellers pay to ship within the USA.  Anyone using eBay's Global Shipping Program or Bonanza's Global Shipping Program through Pitney Bowes will feel the hurt as their costs begin to increase for all sales to anywhere outside of the USA>. Lo…

About Global Shipping Program

About Global Shipping Program 

Bonanza Marketplace Global Shipping - I bet you never thought you would see that in a sentence together, but it's true. For Fourth Quarter 2016 Holiday Season, teamed up with Pitney Bowes to bring you seamless International Shipping.
(Read below for links to information and Opt-In Link Also for links to account for preparing for international sales)

I didn't have time to write out a full review, so I reviewed it on YouTube which covers the following topics (Also read more details below the video):

How much does Bonanza Global Shipping Work? * A comparison of Ebay Global Shipping and Global Shipping.
* How does Bonanza Global Shipping work?
* Where do I ship my Bonanza Global Shipped packages to?
* What can be shipped with Global Shipping?
* Who processes a package shipped Internationally through Shipping?…