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Supreme Court says Yes to Online Sales State Taxes - June 21, 2018

Supreme Court says YES to Online Sales State Taxes
June 21, 2018 and the internet is a buzz, as stocks fall on many of the United States top online marketplaces, but what does this mean for you as a bottom feeder homebased online seller?   Don't Panic!
What we have here is sales tax laws catching up after thirty years of eBay, Amazon and other online marketplaces being able to avoid entanglement with sales taxes.  Instead, these marketplaces when asked over and over again about sales taxes by those small sellers and people using them to clear out their Spring Cleaning, has been silence.  
A quick visit to eBay's forums and a search will show sellers have been asking about sales taxes since it's beginning, and a little data research will show that eBay spends multiple millions of dollars on Lobbyist in Congress to protect their interests.  As a result, online sellers have had to stumble around blindly looking for information for many years, just to find out if what they ar…
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Mercari USA Marketplace Just Raised It's Shipping Prices Again

Mercari USA Marketplace Just Raised It's Shipping Prices Again In a surprise move, during a time that Mercari USA (according to many sellers discussing the subject on the Mercari Sellers Group on Facebook) seems to be experiencing a sales slump, and a time in which Mercari Corporate has decided the way for Mercari to succeed in Japan, Europe and future marketplaces is to ensure the success of its Mercari USA venture; many sellers are concerned that the new shipping labels which significantly increase Mercari's Shipping prices will continue the trend of slow sales into the next three quarters of 2018.

Mercari is an eBay like Marketplace that originally launched via an Iphone and Android based smart device app, known and highly recognized for its amazingly low shipping prices.
At the end of 2017, Mercari raised it shipping prices and changed its shipping options focusing on USPS Labels and FedEx Smart Post Labels.  During the five months FedEx Smart Posts Labels were pushed, bo…

God is Advertiser Unfriendly on YouTube

God is Advertiser Unfriendly on YouTube
Check your faith at the door! I am a "YouTube Creator" and have been since 2009 discussing all kinds of topics. So I am no stranger to the controversy over the past few years on the YouTube video platform that have occurred, especially the controversial "Advertiser Unfriendly" demonetization of videos.

Update: On April 4, 2018, a YouTuber who was censored and demonetized on their YouTube channel, open fired and shot several YouTube employees at YouTube's corporate office in San Francisco.  Here is a video commentary update on YouTube, I made regarding this incident which again simply supports this blog post regarding my own experience on YouTube.

In 2016 I began hearing on Twitter about discrimination against videos that discussed Christianity or anything considered a "Conservative" topic. I honestly was skeptical and I wasn't very concerned about it since the majority of my videos are about how to sell onl…